Hi, I'm Anton Mitrokhin! 

Ph.D Student in Computer Science 

I am a Ph.D student at Perception and Robotics Group working with professor Yiannis Aloimonos and Dr. Cornelia Fermüller.

My research focuses on scene understanding and active scene exploration, particularly in robotic applications which require high reliability and low latency. I am also involved in a research involving the DVS camera which allows for high speed navigation and localization in low light conditions.

Generously awarded a University of Maryland Flagship Fellowship and PROPHESEE PhD Fellowship


Learning sensorimotor control with neuromorphic sensors: Toward hyperdimensional active perception
Mitrokhin, A., Sutor, P., Fermüller, C., Aloimonos, Y.
Science Robotics 4 (30), eaaw6736
EV-IMO: Motion Segmentation Dataset and Learning Pipeline for Event Cameras -
Mitrokhin, A., Ye, C., Fermüller, C., Aloimonos, Y., Delbrück, T.
iROS 2019
Unsupervised Learning of Dense Optical Flow, Depth and Egomotion from Sparse Event Data - arXiv preprint, 2018
Mitrokhin, A., Ye, C., Fermüller, C., Yorke, J. A., Aloimonos, Y.
pending review
Event-based Moving Object Detection and Tracking
Mitrokhin, A., Fermüller, C., Parameshwara, C., Aloimonos, Y.
iROS 2018
Preparing for publication: YARP-gen: Compiler verification using random test generation
Mitrokhin, A., Livinskiy, V., Babokin, D.

Invited Talks

Apr 17, 2018 Data processing and Motion analysis with Dynamic Vision Sensors
2018 Northrop Grumman Mission Systems University Research Symposium
Jul 25, 2017 BetterFlow: High speed Optical Flow estimation with Neuromorphic Sensors
2017 Telluride Neuromorphic Cognition Engineering Workshop
Nov 24, 2016 YARP-gen: Random test generator for optimization verification in C/C++ compilers
59th Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Scientific Conference (honors section)
Nov 28, 2015 LLVM: Advanced Vectorization Support and Drawbacks in Presence of Explicitly Parallel Code
58th Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Scientific Conference
Nov 28, 2015 A Survey of Random Program Generation Methods for C/C++ Compiler Testing
58th Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Scientific Conference

2019 - Anton Mitrokhin